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Why snap freezing is the secret to freshness

Why snap freezing is the secret to freshness


Why snap freezing is the secret to freshness

Everyone has preconceived notions about what a frozen meal can be. But don’t get it twisted: what Providoor serves is not your grandmother’s frozen TV dinner.

We’re not in the business of gatekeeping great food, so dig in to read more about our not-so-secret method.

What makes snap freezing better than regular freezing?

Like all good things in life, frozen food technology has been adopted and improved by those with a fiery flame-grilled passion for great cuisine. Freezing has become the most versatile way to stock restaurant quality food in your home.

Providoor makes it happen two ways. First, our chefs cook small batch, handmade-with-love recipes created by world-renowned chefs. Next, our head chefs take great care to lock in all the good stuff — drool-worthy smell, taste, texture and presentation — so each meal can be delivered to your door, ready to heat and serve… or save for when you have friends to impress.

This happens through snap freezing, also known as flash freezing. As each meal is rapidly frozen at extremely cold temperatures, it creates much smaller ice crystals compared to those formed during the slower freezing process (like your regular freezer at home). These small ice crystals cause less damage to the cell structure of the food, which means that its nutrients, flavour and texture are perfectly preserved.

How does Providoor snap-freeze their restaurant quality dishes?

At Providoor, we use blast freezers running at -38 degrees Celsius to to rapidly snap freeze our food, locking in the flavour. It takes six hours to chill the meal to fridge temperature, then another eight to get it perfectly frozen with all the flavour locked in. This method seals in tastiness without compromising on nutrition. It doesn’t get better than that.

Where can I learn more about your chefs?

Our small-batch recipes are only as good as the people who create them — and luckily, we have lots to brag about. Check out our impressive roster of chefs over here, and don’t be surprised if you see familiar faces.

Providoor’s meals will be the hottest in thing in your freezer — and they’re ready to be delivered to your door. Shop our ready-to-go range for your next dinner party (or decadent daily dig-in).